Gayle King and Oprah Backlash

Hey everyone what is your thoughts on the Gayle king and Oprah backlash about Kobe Bryant having a possible legacy tainted of old allegations back in 2003 and the friends fans of Kobe Bryant was furious on how Gayle King went in on Kobe WNBA friend Lisa Leslie. #etcanada #gayleking #oprahwinfrey #oprah #own #bet #kobebryant #lisaleslie […]

The 23rd Annual Numbers Too Big To Ignore Luncheon

Ok so you guys won’t believe what an amazing week I have had but ok I’m at the airport right its 3 am i run into two older ladies there telling me awwww your lil girls are so cute right  I’m like thank you then they asked me what I do for a living i […]

David Makes Man on Own Network !

Here you go guys another tv review for you and this week it’s David Makes Man follows a 14 year old genius named David “from the projects who is haunted by the death of his closest friend and relied on by his hardworking mother to find a way out of poverty. I give their series […]

Happy Birthday Tyler Perry!!!! Congratulations on you New Huge lovely piece of history Tyler Perry Studios!!!!Did I see that sign on the freeway ?

This man is so awesome I’m so proud of him for some of you May or may not know me and Tyler Perry way back 20 years when he first started in the game I found him in a movie theatre downtown Chicago I told him I had been looking for him and he must […]