The 23rd Annual Numbers Too Big To Ignore Luncheon

Ok so you guys won’t believe what an amazing week I have had but ok I’m at the airport right its 3 am i run into two older ladies there telling me awwww your lil girls are so cute right  I’m like thank you then they asked me what I do for a living i told them  a journalist a tv host they laughed at me I did not know why they said baby what you doing tomorrow I said nothing why they said meet us here for lunch I said ok i did not know that @gayleking would be there I was so surprised and happy to go to this #atlantawomensexpo where they help young women and girls get ahead in life by the ways of education and grants and Gayle was the keynote speaker what a surprisey’all know I chased  that lady out the back door as usual I got my pic you guys she was so nice she took my phone out my hand and said let’s look up everyone knows pics are best when you look up so I’m telling everyone today keep looking up because that is where our help comes from the heavens I love you guys continue to pray for me and my journey in this life look at god Here I am from being stuck in the airport at 3am to being with the beautiful Gayle king 7 hours later check out the clips she talks about of course @tylerperry and she has us laughing how a lil spit hit her Lip when r kelly was having a fit on her with his interview she even had a couple jokes about Oprah !!! Lol watch the clips you guys swiped to see what I saw #gaylekinginterview #gayleking #divatvmagazine #tylerperry #rkelly #tylerperrystudios #oprah #jjacksonliveinatlantashow #xod #cnn #abc #abcnews #frantvhost #talkingwithtami #livingmybestlife #divainthestreets #divatvmagazine
#mercedezMillionaire #jayz #beyonce
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