Mercedez Millionaire is best known for her world-wide popular tv magazine show DIVA TV created in 1993 and currently running. She also produced a radio show as DIVA Radio on 102.3 She is a producer, writer, director, reporter, tv show host, actor, model and never ceases her humanitarian efforts for the elderly population.

Early Beginnings

Multi-talented media personality Mercedez Millionaire born in Chicago, IL. and at an early age was inspired by The Oprah Winfrey Show. Despite negative family members who belittled her, mocked her and accused her of insanity. She also encountered failed relationships and birth 4 children as a single mother. While in her early teens she began a career in broadcast journalism. Mercedez interviewed countless entertainers, business owners, and politicians. She also produced live coverage of community events, elections, fundraisers, concerts and much more.

By her early twenties she recognized the media industry had erupted into an exploitative style. Mercedez Millionaire embarked on a mission to rebirth integrity into her craft of multi-media arts with the approach of  professionalism, respect, charm and adoration. Her signature jumping up and down excited energy is spread amongst her interviewees and sets the audience ablaze it also landed her a commercial on for Oprah Winfrey.

Success and Fame

DIVA TV Magazine is inspirational and exposes those of great accomplishments to others  that dare to dream. Topics on the show cover celebrity entertainment news, interviews, special guest, health and fitness, beauty, and fashion. Mercedez has interviewed the likes of Lady Gaga, P Diddy, Quincy Jones, Jessica Simpson, Barry Manilow, Tyler Perry, and Angela Bassett.

She covers award shows and red carpets with audacity, confidence and charm. Her expertise  captures the attention of celebrities at the BET AWARDS, MTV Awards, Daytime Emmy’s, Soul Train Awards, The Grammy’s, and movie premiers. Most celebrities know her on a first name basis. Captivating and intriguing she engages with them and they naturally open up to her.

Mercedez as a model has worked on ads with Sprite, Budweiser, Landis Cosmetics, Fresh Wear Girls, and The Chicago Defender.  Also Synergy Gospel, Beauty Talk Magazine and Shades of Beauty. She appeared in music videos with Kanye West, The White Boy, Ice Cube and many others. As an actress she’s worked on (Tyler Perry) Meet the Browns, LIght it Up, Backstabbers, Trust and executive produced Consequences and Repercussions.

Personal LIfe

Mercedez Millionaire currently resides in Chicago, IL. raising her 4 children while traveling around the world covering the Entertainment Industry. She is currently pitching a nationally syndicated talk show to television networks. Look for her in the very near future on your television screen.

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