Happy Birthday Tyler Perry!!!! Congratulations on you New Huge lovely piece of history Tyler Perry Studios!!!!Did I see that sign on the freeway ?

This man is so awesome I’m so proud of him for some of you May or may not know me and Tyler Perry way back 20 years when he first started in the game I found him in a movie theatre downtown Chicago I told him I had been looking for him and he must give me a interview for the youth he said I’ll give you a call and he did he called me himself everyone-was so shock how cool he was and he has always been my mentor he always took up for me or looked out for me whenever I needed to get my interviews with him because it’s not easy In the media business it’s not what you know it’s who you know and my Tyler Perry experience I had in New York City was so off the chain we had good food the people was great it was well organized we even had limos pick us up from the screening to the press junket which I can say was very exquisite if you missed or just want a good laugh my movie of the week is Madea’s Family Funeral or anything that’s made by Tyler Perry let’s celebrate his life and his accomplishments and his birthday!!!

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