Keith Burke Doing Big Things He”s Been Recasted for Another season for Tyler Perry”s The Have and The Have Nots on OWN Networks.

No one would have ever known how the mystery of Derrick will unfold with him starting out to being Katherine’s handyman with all her

Estates to Katherine playing Cupid and connects Hannah with Derrick only to find out that years prior when Derrick had a bad past and could not find his way raped Hannah and That’s How Candace was conceived which explains everything so clearly now with Candace personality being good and evil she a combination of her parents but to be honest I actually like Derick and Hannah together and now to find out they have a child years later ? I really can’t wait to see how all this will unfold but in the meantime Mr Burke the la native enjoys working out spending time with his family he’s a season actor and has been in the game for years we wish him much success and hoping to see more of this chocolate hunk on the screens follow him on Instagram at @keith_burke_official !!

Check out his work out video lol



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