I had an awesome adventure at Tyler Perry Studios!!!

Hey you guys do me a favor and go to my Instagram @mercedezmillionaire and Facebook Kiesha Davis Mercedez Millionaire and follow me and check out my latest clips with Tyler Perry I had spent the whole weekend covering his grounds at the studios the had an car award show food drinks 🍷 tyler show up and Vanessa williams I met some great people there the had luxurious bus shuttle services and they had a antique #atlconcours vintage car show there as well everyone wore something vintage it was cold and rainy on day one day two the sun was shining bright and got warm again you know the weather in Atlanta is bi polar lol so then Tyler Perry and #Bet had a red carpet event on Sunday night I got a chance to go to the red carpet premiere for #theovalonbet #sistasonbet
Tyler told me he love me you guys y’all know I love this man I also have exclusive footage on my Instagram for all you Instagram people please follow me at @mercedez_millionaire to see what’s on my igtv #tylerperry #tylerperrystudios
Www.divatvmagazine.com is my website thank you love you guys #tylerperry #tylerperrystudios #atlconcours #mercedezmillionaire #divatvmagazine #atlanta #chicago

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